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Las Laerillas Museum - Olive mill

The Museum

Museo-Molino de Aceite "Las Laerillas"

The olive pressing installation of Las Laerillas is the oldest olive mill in Spain. Initially owned by Francisco Zayas Delgado, it came under the possession of the San Fernando Rey de Espa?a y San Francisco de Asis de la Casa Zayas Osorio-Calvache Foundation in 1979. In 1987, the Foundation donated the mill to the Niguelas Town Hall, which in turn, after significant conservation work, converted it into an Agricultural Museum.
Both the building that houses the museum and the olive mill date to the 14th century.
From the 14th to the 19th century, the village of Niguelas was famous for its olives, as well as for the production of olive oil.
Exhibited in this museum are a water-powered olive mill, as well as all the objects that were used in the production and storage of olive oil, such as jugs, jars, oil lamps, weighing scales, etc.
The stable where the animals used to operate the olive press were housed can also be seen.
The museum shop offers different types of olives and olive oil from the region.

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