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Olive Oil Museum – Cisano del Garda Oil Mill

The Museum

Museo dell'Olio - Oleifico Cisano del Garda

The Olive Oil Museum at Cisano of Bardolino, near Lake Garda, was established by the Cisano del Garda Oil Mill, which has been operating since 1936. The museum's most important exhibits are an ancient olive-press with a lever, grindstones, screw presses and the reconstruction of a 19th-century hydraulic press.
The museum includes three rooms, in two of which are original machines, made almost entirely of wood. Here is located the aforementioned imposing olive-press with a lever, which has an ingenious loading and unloading system with yoke, and moved by screws, which cuts down considerably on human input. Of interest are the numerous screw-presses of various types and sizes. In addition, the first manual iron presses are presented, which were constructed after the model of the wooden screw-press but with different step. Even a classic press of modern type, but with manually operated pump, is exhibited. In the same room are a centrifugal separator from the 1930s and various containers used to store the final product (among them the characteristic stone jars of the Garda-Verona region).
Exhibited in the third room are equipment used in the olive-pressing installation, as well as various samples of tableware and oil lamps. These are witnesses to the history of Mediterranean man, who managed to apply his imagination and taste to domestic objects used on a daily basis, since he used olive oil not only in cooking and cosmetics, but also as a means of lighting. Charts and explanatory tables on global olive cultivation, as well as an audiovisual installation describing the various phases of harvesting and processing the olive complete the exhibition.

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