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Hecoliva Museum of Olive Oil

The museum

Museo del Aceite Hecoliva

The old olive mill is housed in a superb 19th- century stone building. This museum invites visitors to travel in time, showing the different methods and tools used in the production of the precious golden liquid, olive oil.
The museum is divided into two sections. The first section demonstrates the prominence of olive oil in health and body care, and its role in religion, using Egyptian, Roman and Greek evidence.
Reproductions of Roman amphorae, oil lamps and other objects complete the first section of the exhibition.
The second section presents the process of olive cultivation and olive production. On display is an animal-powered olive press, which was used before electricity was invented.
Of greater interest is a 17th-century olive mill, made of oak with a limestone grindstone. 12m long and 5m high, the mill weighs 2 tons, including the stone.
The exhibits include two reconstructions from the Graeco-Roman period, as well as a collection of 18th- and 19th-century earthenware jars.
The museum houses a complete olive-pressing installation with a hydraulic press in mint condition. Earthenware jars, measures and balance weights complete the picture from the Egyptian period, 4500 years ago, until today.
The old mill is not only a museum but also constitutes part of the olive-oil production factory. Thus, a picture of absolute balance is given between the traditional and modern production process.

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