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Museum of Olive Oil “El lagar del mudo” (The mill of the mute)

The Museum

Museo del Aceite “El lagar del mudo”


Housed in a renovated 18th-century olive mill, the museum is the region’s main tourist attraction, presenting the development of olive cultivation and olive production from Antiquity to the present day.

The museum includes exhibits from other older olive-pressing installations.

It received the “Europa Nostra 2002” prize for restoration and promotion of cultural heritage, as well as “The best in heritage 2004” award in the competition held in Croatia.

The museum has an internal courtyard, a thematic room, an animal-powered olive press, an audiovisual room and a museum shop, where visitors can buy olive-oil related products.

In the course of the tour, which begins in the courtyard and ends at the museum shop, the history of the olive and olive oil, the technology of oil production and the various uses of olive oil are presented.

Illustrations and tools used in the production of olive oil are presented in the thematic room. A path leads to the mill, the olive-press room and the millers’ dwelling.

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