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Museum of the Olive Culture

The Museum

Museo de la Cultura del Olivo

The "Hacienda La Laguna" is a traditional centre for the oil industry. The museum is managed by the local council of Andalucia and the town hall of Baetha since 1992, when repairs to the farm began, with simultaneous remodelling of the surrounding area of the "Laguna Grande".
The museum comprises three buildings, housing different types of oil-presses, and a garden with different varieties of olive trees. Visitors can see all the phases of olive oil production, from the most traditional methods of cultivating the olive trees, up to the most modern ways of commercialisation and bottling.
This museum presents the olive in terms of both its biological characteristics and its symbolic dimension in the civilizations of the Mediterranean basin.
The garden has an interesting collection of olive tree varieties from several Mediterranean countries, as well as from other regions of Spain.
Presented in the second building are the three basic stages of olive-oil productiom: crushing, pressing and separating.
In the third building, the characteristics of olive oil that determine its quality, such as the degree of acidity, its colour, its vitamin content, etc. are analysed in detail.
Finally, there is a commercial room where visitors may learn about the different names of origin, while tasting some of the products.

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